There are four statewide nets of the Colorado ARES:

HF FSK Net: 1st & 3rd and 5th Sundays at 0730 mountain local time on 3590 kHz (mark tone). Updated 6/4/13

 HF PSK-31 (Sound Card Modes) Digital Net: 2nd & 4th Sundays at 08:30 mountain local time on 3590 kHz (mark tone) Updated 6/4/13

 HF CW: 2nd & 4th Sundays at 0730 mountain local time on 3570 kHz. (Updated 6/4/13)

 HF SSB Net: Sunday at 0800 mountain local time  on 3.810 MHz. (Updated 6/4/13)

Statewide VHF FM Net: Sunday’s at 2000 mountain local time on the Colorado Connection; 145.310 (-) 88.5.0 Hz and IRLP Node 9871.
Latest VHF Net Script – – updated 11/29/15.

Statewide VHF SSB Net: Monday evenings at 1900 mountain local time on 144.220 MHz USB / John, N6VTS, Net Manager
Latest VHF Net Script – – updated 5/24/2013.

District Nets and Frequencies

For each district in the Colorado section in which there is an active ARES group, there will be a regular net. The official list of nets in the Colorado section is maintained by the SEC and the COPLAN publisher in Appendix Cof the COPLAN.

The COPLAN frequency lists (Appendix B and C) are updated quarterly. If you know of a net that has recently changed, please send the corrected information to:

so the information can be made available to all.

Other Nets

  • Southern Colorado Traffic Net
    Daily on the PPFMA 146.97- repeater (100Hz) at 2000L
  • Central Colorado Traffic Net
    Daily on the Colorado Connection repeaters, at 1930 mountain local time (123 Hz).
  • Columbine Net
    Daily on 3989 kHz at 1900 mountain local time.
  • High Noon Net
    Daily on 7240 kHz at 1200 mountain local time.
  • Colorado Amateur Radio Weather Net (since 1955)
    Daily on Denver’s 146.94- repeater (103.5 Hz) and 3945 kHz at 0630-0730 mountain local time.
  • Southwest Traffic Net
    Daily on 3.935 MHz at 2130 Central Time.
  • Colorado RACES Net
    Sundays and Tuesdays on 3990.5 kHz, at 0100Z.
  • El Paso County RACES Net
    Tuesdays on the CMRG 147.345+ at 1930 mountain local time. ( El Paso County RACES Web Site)

Source for most of these nets is the ARRLNet Directory.

For more information about traffic nets, contact the Section Traffic Manager.


Changes to Nets and Frequencies

Changes to the Nets and Frequencies should be given to the COPLAN Editor.
Those changes will be included in the quarterly COPLAN frequency updates.